About Us

Why Buy Here.


We are a family owned business that started in 1996.  We began as a parts business and grew into rebuilding cars. We buy and sell vehicles from insurance auctions around the country to deliver like new cars to you, at a lower cost than most dealerships. We have completed over 3000 of these rebuilt vehicles in the past 20 years.  

What exactly does it mean when you get a rebuilt car? Should you or should you not buy a car with a rebuilt title? Naturally, pros and cons exist when considering buying any car, not just a rebuilt car. When a car has been in an accident, recovered from theft, or damaged in a way that the insurance company has deemed too expensive to repair, it becomes a salvageable car. Therefore, we repair the cars and retilte the cars as a rebuilt.  While the car was deemed too expensive to repair by the insurance company, this does not mean the car is unsafe or unreliable once it's fixed. Since a salvaged car can often be bought cheaper than the original sticker price, the cost to fix the car may be worth it to the potential buyer, as the damage could just be cosmetic damage to the body.   A rebuilt car can provide different opportunities for a car owner. Our customers want to purchase a car, but can't afford the dealer price of the desired car with low miles, they look to us for a rebuilt title. Many times a buyer can get a rebuilt car that they normally would not be able to afford if the car had a clean title. A rebuilt title can be bought at a fraction of the cost of a clean titled car and still have the benefits of providing a safe and reliable vehicle.

No Hidden Fees

There will be no surprises with your purchase.  Your out-the-door price consists of :

  • The sale price

  • NO documentation Fee

  • 6% Michigan State tax

  • License plate (New $TBD or Transfer $8)

  • Title transfer fee $15



Payments are to be in the form of Cash or a Bank Cashiers Check made payable to Discovery Auto.


*We accept, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

(*Credit Card Charges incure a 2.75% service fee.)